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Key topics in our green production charter

Key topics
in our green production charter

Eclos is a company that produces audiovisual content for communication. It brings together a group of creative people who wish to anchor environmental responsibility at the heart of their artistic approach. We believe in the continuous improvement of our working practices and want this ecological awareness to influence every project we undertake.

We are committed to producing our work sustainably. We follow the Start-up your Brand acceleration programme run by the Union des marques (UDM), the French Advertisers Association.

Through its programmes, such as FAIRe, its commitments and partnerships, and its business communities, UDM promotes sustainable communications that meet the expectations of consumers and citizens. We have signed a Climate Contract with the French Ministry for Ecological Transition as part of the Climate and Resilience Law. We are also members of the Eco-prod association and have signed their charter.

The subjects we wish to work on and the actions we wish to take are summarised below:

  • Developing responsible messages
  • Non-stereotypical casting of actors
  • Anti-greenwashing test if necessary
  • Choice of service providers
  • Use of transport
  • Waste management
  • Digital management
  • Choice of electronic equipment
  • Organisation of shoots (meals, costumes, make-up, settings, locations, lighting, energy, image formats, waste, accommodation)
  • Storage and editing methods
  • Optimising encoding and compression
  • Raising team awareness
  • Use of carbon calculators
  • Carbon offsetting option

For each of these points, our charter specifies the solutions that we believe to be the best today.

This working method is not rigid. We are constantly seeking to improve it.

Our ambition is also to meet the needs of our customers and to always provide solutions.


(Even) more about our green production charter

(Even) more about
our green production charter